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Fishing Permit

Permit free access

The Tiwi have agreed to provide permit free access to the intertidal waters of the Tiwi and the Vernon Islands in the areas as outlined in the fishing agreement.
This includes access to the entire southern sections of the islands and the eastern side of Melville as well as the Aspley Strait (including associated rivers and creeks). In effect, this means that fishers in boats can access and fish in these areas provided they do not go ashore (land access at designated camp sites requires permission by way of a permit as detailed below).
Camping area provided with a permit

There are currently two designated camping areas (Camp Point and Robertson Creek) for use by fishers and campers. These camping areas provide a roofed shelter. Access to these areas requires a permit which can be applied online.
Restricted zone

Permit to fish in restricted zone (coloured red on the map) are issued only for permanent non-Tiwi residents and their approved guests upon approval of the Executive Management Committee of the Tiwi Land Council.

The fee structure for the year beginning 1 January 2015 for a recreational fishing permit in restricted zone is:

Annual Permit $200 14 Day Permit $100


All annual permits expire on 31 January each year, regardless of when you pay and/or are approved for a permit throughout the calendar year.

Fishing tour operators who are already licensed, which are the on-island operators already with a permit system, will continue as normal.
Conditions for other commercial fishing tour operators will be assessed on application.
Permit Information
All revenue from recreational fishing permits is used to protect and conserve our vulnerable fish stocks and help ensure the future of recreational fishing throughout the Tiwi Islands.
To apply for a new permit please click here to download the application form or click here to apply online.