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Recreational Fisher Camping Permit

Three campsites on the Tiwi Islands, only accessible by boat, are available for up to seven days for recreational fishers. They include Camp Point, Robertson Creek and Shaggy's (Tinkanrow) Campsites. Although these campsites are located in the Permit Free Fishing Access Zone, a permit is still required to camp. The Tiwi Land Council requires a minimum of 30 working days to process Camping Permit applications. Permits must be carried at all times.

Campsite Locations

Camp Point Campsite
Melville Island - east coast
11° 36.527'S
131° 25.308'E
Robertson Creek Campsite
Melville Island - east coast
11° 51.003'S
131° 04.353'E
Shaggy's (Tinkanrow) Campsite
Bathurst Island - east coast on the Apsley Strait
11° 41.143'S
130° 30.765'E
Click here to view a map of recreational fisher campsite locations on the Tiwi Islands.


A roofed corrugated iron shelter, barbeque and water tank. The tanks may be empty and the water is NOT suitable for drinking.

How many people on one Camping Permit?

Up to 10 people can stay at an approved campsite under one Camping Permit.
PLEASE NOTE: The primary applicant is responsible for all nominees observing the Permit Terms and Conditions, Camping Protocols and quarantine guidelines. For health and safety reasons, please provide the names and dates of birth of all applicants.

Maximum 1 week stay.



$10 per night per person.
$50 per person for 7 days.
Please note that all pricing is in Australian Dollars and GST free.

Apply for a Permit to Camp

The Tiwi Land Council requires a minimum of 30 working days to process Camping Permit applications.

Click here to apply for a permit.