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Requirements during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Your permit now includes Covid-safe conditions, such as maintaining hygiene and separation, acting on symptoms and, if you are working, following an acceptable Covid-19 safety plan. Click here to access the NT Government Safety Plan checklist. These conditions align with the principles established by Safework Australia, WorksafeNT and the NT Government.

Applicants who have been in areas of elevated Covid-19 risk should wait 14 days before entering Aboriginal land.

Media Permit

The Tiwi Land Council is responsible for overseeing media access on behalf of traditional owners. While Tiwi land is privately owned, Tiwi people recognise the importance of media access to their islands so long as cultural sensitivities are respected and appropriate behaviour is observed. The Tiwi Land Council requires a minimum of 30 working days to process Media Permit applications. Permits must be carried at all times.

It should be noted that when on the islands you will be required to have two Tiwi Cultural Advisors, appointed by the Tiwi Land Council, present during any filming, recording, photography or obtaining information. Their rate is $300 per day or part thereof per Tiwi Cultural Advisor.

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Please note: A permit to stay within community boundaries permits travel between communities on main roads only. A permit for travelling outside community boundaries is required for all other activities outside communities.

View Tiwi Islands community boundaries here

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Up to 10 media representatives can visit the Tiwi Islands under one Media Permit. If there are more than 10 people in your group, please contact the Tiwi Land Council

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